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* Snowshoes

snowshoe picture We've been building snowshoes with Scouts for about 16 years. Early ones were long and narrow, and had bindings made from truck inner tubes. In about 1996, I designed a new style, combining low-cost techniques with some of the best features of commercial models. I don't have a complete set of instructions, but do have some patterns online, and pictures of many of the steps.

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* Camping and Backpacking Meal Ideas

* Bugle Calls

Hear the Bugle Calls - MIDI files of the complete set from the BSA Music and Bugling Merit Badge booklet.

* Windstorm in Montana

Upper Holland Lake
Sept 3, 2005

This freak wind storm in the middle of the night knocked down about 20 large live trees and one large dead tree which fell right between our two tents. The downed trees were in an area about 40' by 60' at the rustic camping area on the northeast side of the lake.

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